Starting the press conference Nvidia launched the long awaited RTX 2060 at CES 2019. With the card finally joining the RTX 20- series it’s remarkable price that is set by the company is quite interesting and frustrating at the same time $349 or ₹31000, but given the performance boost and comparing it with a GTX 1070 and a 1070ti it’s quite a deal. More on that ahead but first, let’s look the specs on this bad boy.


GPU Engine Specs:
1920 NVIDIA CUDA® Cores
5Giga Rays/s
1680 Boost Clock (MHz)
1365Base Clock (MHz)
Memory Specs:
14 GbpsMemory Speed
6 GB GDDR6Standard Memory Config
192-bitMemory Interface Width
336 GB/sMemory Bandwidth (GB/sec)
Technology Support:
YesReal-Time Ray Tracing
YesNVIDIA® GeForce Experience
YesNVIDIA® Highlights
YesGame Ready Drivers
YesMicrosoft® DirectX® 12 API, Vulkan API, OpenGL 4/5
YesDisplayPort 1.4a, HDMI 2.0b 3
YesHDCP 2.2
YesVR Ready
YesDesigned for USB Type-C and VirtualLink™5
Display Support:
7680×4320Maximum Digital Resolution2
DisplayPort, HDMI, USB Type-C, DVI-DLStandard Display Connectors
4Multi Monitor
2.2 HDCP
Graphics Card Dimensions:
4.435” (112.6mm)Height
9.0” (228.60mm)Length
Thermal and Power Specs:
88Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)
160WGraphics Card Power (W)
500WRecommended System Power (W)4
8 pinSupplementary Power Connectors

Ok, enough of those numbers lets get to what really matters, is it worth it? 

It was said int he conference that the RTX 2060 is on par with the previous generation GTX 1070ti, and if we look at the raw fps and workstation loads it is actually true. The card can perform astoundingly well on Battlefield V at 1440p High settings RayTracing on Medium and that’s amazing for the price.
BUT, you’re paying a $100 premium on a technology that is not set in the market right now, and who knows when will ray tracing be implemented on any games in the near future. For the time being its just Battlefield V and as the company claims ANTHEM will be the second game. Final Fantasy XV have launched a benchmark but, it’s in 4K only so RTX 2060 is on a slight disadvantage as compared to its big brothers in the RTX 20- series.

Chose your Card Wisely

As some charts were leaked you might wanna chose your RTX 2060 wisely as they may come in 3 variable memory sizes 3GB, 4GB and 6GB, and in two different memory types GDDR5(X) and GDDR6.

Better look into that before you buy anything.

A great Boost for the Modest Price

Now, this card is for those who want more from there graphics department for a reasonable price. And this card is it. AMD’s  closest counterpart on the other hand is nowhere near the circle.
Rumor has it, that a series of GTX 11- is coming out, so if that’s true GTX 1160 will have the same specs as of RTX 2060 but the RT cores. If you believe the rumors than you might wanna wait a while but it’s not recommended because we don’t know anything about the GTX 11- series except for the rumors, so you might wanna go for the RTX 2060 because, WHY NOT?
And to not disappoint their costumers Nvidia is throwing in a copy of Battlefield V or ANTHEM with RTX 2060 and RTX 2070, and the Bundle with RTX 2080 or RTX 2080ti.
You might wanna have that GEFORCE RTX glowing in your cabinet before its too late and experience the RayTracing and DLSS and some quality FPS.

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